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June 25, 2012  •  1 Comment

Hi I'm Dru, and thanks for visiting my website!  I've decided to create this blog in order to keep visitors up to date with my photography and provide some lessons which I found useful when I was learning photography. I'm still learning though!  I'll also post a photograph that I've taken and talk through how I took it, what settings and equipment I used and what I was trying to capture.  Hopefully it will inspire you to get out with your camera and take something similar!

So as this is the first ever blog entry I should start with a bit of background about me.  I was born in 1985 in Northumberland, England, I grew up on a farm, with my mam, dad and sister - the latter two are both also keen photographers.  I was the last to get into photography, I graduated from Newcastle University in 2007 with a degree in Human Genetics with the intention to start a PhD as soon as possible.  This turned out to be a year later and in the mean time I had nothing to learn, after going my whole life learning something, whether I wanted to be taught or not!

So it was in 2007 that I got my first dSLR and I started to take photography seriously.  My Olympus E410 twin lens kit (which I still have!) proved to be a great starting point.  I had a 17.5-45mm and a 40-150mm lens to start off with.  I subsequently bought more lenses and cameras and now shoot with an Olympus E30 with a variety of Olympus HG glass, and LEE filters.  I'm a landscape photographer, I know that, but if I had to pick a lens that I loved the most it would be my 50mm f2 prime lens which I used to take the above photograph.  It is absolute perfection, it is so sharp and there is zero distortion to it.  I love it.

Well that's a brief insight into the start of my photography, keep calling back and hopefully I'll help you get the bug.


Best wishes,



(You can find me on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/drudoddphotography)


1.jane powell
Great photographer, and website. I became interested in photography due to my passion for wildlife in Northumberland. I have been inspired by dru's website and pictures.
I live in liver pool, but have a holiday home near Bamburgh, and Dru has given me alot of advice and I have learned a lot about camera settings via the information Dru puts on his blogs.
His pictures are awesome, and show how beautiful and magical Northumberland is.
I am very much a novice, but have learnt so much from his website and especially his blogs. I carry a little jotter with all dru's advice in. Just need to take the perfect pic to send to him. lol.
His passion for his work is evident in his pictures.
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