When ordering a print from Dru Dodd Photography you are buying a piece of work from a dedicated photographer who has taken all criteria of creating and capturing a scene into account.  This includes the aspect ratio.  For this reason, some images maybe of unconventional dimensions.  A photograph's dimensions should always be dictated by the photographer and not by a printer or a sheet of photo paper, and therefore the aspect ratio of the photograph will always be maintained, or so called 'shrink to fit'.  If you order a 16x12" print, the print will always be 16" long but may not be 12" tall in some cases.  This is especially applicable to Panoramic prints which are very long prints capturing huge vistas.  If you have specific requirements please get in touch via the contact page.


At Dru Dodd Photography we use Fujifilm Fujicolor Lustre Paper printed on Fuji Frontier 570 printers.  This gives a semi matte finish to prints, so that when you get them mounted and framed they'll look fantastic.  For this reason you won't get the double reflection glare of a glossy print behind shiny glass.


Postage and Packaging is paid per order.  Packaging is comprehensive and protects your newly purchased print until it's mounted and framed on your wall. Postage is 1st class to anywhere within the UK, or Airmail to the European Union.


Fancy a Canvas print? I can offer canvases printed to any size upto a massive 60 inches! Below is a price table, pick your width and the photograph you'd like and contact me and I'll sort the rest and tell you the height when the photo has been resized.